Dua (Prayer) for the memorization of the Quran

memorization of the quran

Among the many indications pointing to the miraculous nature of the Quran, one of the unique features of it is the ability for millions of people from all over the world being able to complete the memorization of the Quran, with some being able to complete the endeavor before their teens.  However, as with other things, where one has succeeded, many others have tried.  There is a dua that will help for the memorisation of the Quran from the Sunnah (practices) of the Prophet (SAW).

Tips for memorizing the Quran

Millions of Muslims have memorized the Quran from the earliest days to today.  Some have given several tips for the memorization process including:

  • Use the same print of the Quran all the time
  • Record your day to day progress
  • Find the best place and time to learn and try to keep these the same
  • Read the lesson to as many people as possible including friends and family.
  • Revise what you have previously learnt regularly.

Ibn Abbas (RA) reports that he was once in the company of the Prophet (SAW) when Ali (RA) came in and said: ‘O Prophet of Allah!  You are dearer to me than my father and mother.  I try to memorise the Quran but cannot do so as it vanishes from my memory.’ Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said: ‘Shall I tell you of a method that will benefit you as well as those to whom it is conveyed by you?’

At the request of Ali (RA) the Prophet (SAW) said: ‘When the night preceding Friday comes, rise up in its last third portion, if possible, for that would be excellent, because that is the best part of the night, as that is the time when angels descend and prayers are specially granted at this hour.  It was for this time that Yaqub (AS, Jacob) had been waiting when he had said to his sons that he would, in the near future, pray to his Lord for forgiveness for them.

If it be difficult to get up at that time, then you should do so in the middle part of the night and if even that is not possible, offer the four rakaah (prayer) in the early part of the night.  After reciting Surah Fatiha (No.1) in each rakaah, Surah Yaseen should be recited in the first rakaah, Surah Dukhan (No. 44) in the second, Surah Sajdah  (No. 32) in the third and Surah Mulk (No. 67) in the fourth.  After completing Tashahhud (glorification of Allah in the sitting posture of salah), you should praise and glorify Allah abundantly, invoke praises and blessings upon me and upon all other Prophets, and seek forgiveness for all believers and all those Muslim brothers who have passed away before and then recite the following dua.’

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Transliteration – Allahummarhamni Bitarkil-Ma’asi Abadan Ma Abqaitani, Warhamni An Atakallafa Ma La Ya’nini, Warzuqni Husnan-Nazari Fi Ma Yurdika Anni. Allahumma Badi’as- Samawati Wal-Ardi Dhal-Jalali Wal-Ikrami Wal-Izzatil-lati La Turamu As’aluka YaAllahu Ya Rahmanu Bi-Jalalika Wa Nuri Wajhika An Tulzima Qalbi Hifza Kitabika Kama ‘Allamtani Warzuqni An Atluwahu ‘Alan-Nahwil-ladhi Yurdika ‘Anni.
Allahumma Badi‘as-Samawati Wal-Ardi Dhal-Jalali Wal-Ikrami Wal-Izzati-llati La Turamu As’aluka YaAllahu, Ya Rahmanu Bi-Jalalika Wa Nuri Wajhika An Tunawwira Bi-kitabika Basari, Wa An Tutliqa Bihi Lisani Wa An Tufarrija Bihi ‘An Qalbi Wa An Tashraha Bihi Sadri, Wa An Tasta’mila Bihi Badanii, Fa’innahu La Yu’inuni ‘Alal-Haqqi Ghairuka Wa La Yu’tihi Illa Anta Wa La Hawla Wa la Quwatta Illa Billahil-‘Alil–‘Azim.

Dua for memorizing Quran

dua for memorization of the quran


‘O Allah, have mercy on me, so that I always abstain from sinful deeds as long as I am alive, be kind to me so that I do not toil in vain pursuits, and bless me with solace in that which pleases You.  O Allah, The Originator of the Heavens and Earth, Master of Glory and Honour, Lord of such Majesty, attainment of which cannot be conceived.  O Allah, the Most Beneficent, I pray in the name of Your Majesty and Effulgence of Your Countenance, to impose upon my heart the memorising of Your Book, as You have taught me the same, and grant me such a manner of recitation as pleases You.  O Allah, the Originator of the Heavens and Earth, Master of Glory and Honour, Lord of such Majesty, attainment of which cannot be conceived.  O Allah, the Most Beneficent, I pray in the name of Your Majesty and Effulgence of Your Countenance to illuminate my vision with the radiance of Your Book, bless my tongue with a flow in its reading, and through its blessing remove heaviness of my heart, open my mind, and wash away (the sins of) my body.  Certainly, there is none except You to support me in the cause of truth, and none except You can fulfil this desire of mine.  There can be no safeguard (against evil) nor any power (over virtue) except with the help of Allah, the Most High, the Most Great.’

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Hadith on the memorization of the Quran

The Prophet further said to Ali (RA): ‘Repeat this act for three, five or seven Fridays.  If Allah so wills, your prayer will certainly be granted.  I swear by Him who made me Prophet that acceptance of His prayer will never be missed by any believer.’

Ibn Abbas (RA) reports that hardly had five or seven Fridays passed when Ali (RA) came to the Prophet (SAW) and said: ‘Previously I used to learn about four verses of the Quran, but I was not able to retain them.  And now I learn about forty and I can remember them as clearly as if I have the Quran open before me.  Previously when I heard a hadith and then repeated it, I could not retain it, and now I hear ahaadith (plural of hadith) and when I narrate them to others, I do not miss a single word.’ (Tirmidhi)

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