The Interesting Story of Adam (AS) in Islam – For Kids

What was before Adam AS?

Before Allah created Adam AS, He created the blue sky, and the big oceans, and the green leaves, and everything we see around us. Allah is so powerful that whatever He wants to create, He can say ‘be’, and then it will be made. When Allah created the animals and the sun and moon, He also made something called Jinns. Just like people, Jinns can be good and bad. There was one Jinn who was really good that Allah let him stay with the Angels.

adam and eve in heaven

The birth of Adam AS

To make Adam AS, Allah took all the different types of sand and soil from the Earth and He mixed it all up. Then He made the shape of Adam AS and blew life into it. Allah taught Adam so many things like the names of everything and more. Allah gave him so much knowledge that he knew more than the angels.

After Allah finished making Adam, He made a wife for Adam and called her Hawwa. They both lived in paradise and really enjoyed it there.

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Bowing to Adam AS

We are not allowed to bow down to anyone except Allah. But when Allah created Adam, He told all the angels to bow down to him. So all the angels bowed down in front of Adam. The really good Jinn was also with the angels and his name was Iblis. He saw all the angels bowing down but he didn’t listen to Allah.

Iblis is Shaytan. Shaytan said to Allah, “Why would I bow to something when I am better than him? You created me from fire and him from clay.” Allah became really angry because shaytan didn’t listen and he threw him out of paradise.

Promise of Shaytan

When Shaytan was taken out of paradise, he made a promise that he will try his best to make humans do bad things. That’s why if we ever think of doing something bad then that is shaytan who is trying to trick us. Don’t let shaytan win. He is our main enemy and he wants to see us lose.

Adam and Eve in Paradise (Jannah)

Adam AS and Hawwa (Eve) lived in Jannah. Jannah has many gardens where the most tasty fruit grow, and there are huge palaces, and you can have anything you want. If we be good and listen to what Allah and Prophet Muhammed SAW has told us then Allah will let us go to Jannah Insha’Allah.

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Allah told both Adam and Hawwa that they can eat whatever they want in Jannah, except the fruits of one tree. This was so that Allah could test them to see if they would listen to Him. And for a long time, both of them listened to Allah and lived happily in paradise.

Shaytan’s Trick

Shaytan didn’t like to see Adam and Eve happy in Jannah. So he disguised himself and pretended to be a good friend to them. He then convinced them that if they ate from the tree, they would live forever. But this was a lie.

forbidden fruit, apple on tree in heaven

So they both ate from the tree because shaytan tricked them. Allah got really angry and said, “Did I not tell you that you are not allowed to eat from this tree? And that shaytan is your enemy?” Adam AS and Hawwa realised they made a mistake and asked Allah for forgiveness straight away. If we hurt someone or make someone angry then we should also say sorry and ask for forgiveness. And if Allah has told us to do something, then we should always listen and never do anything that He told us not to do.

The First Humans on Earth

Allah forgave both Adam and Hawwa but he took them out of paradise. He sent them down to Earth and taught them how to live there. They were the first human beings on Earth.

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Adam AS becomes a Prophet

Allah made the first human a prophet. A Prophet is someone who teaches people good, tells them to stay away from bad and to listen to what Allah has told us to do. This was the job of every prophet Allah sent including our prophet, Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him.

Lessons from the story of Adam

  • Shaytan is our biggest enemy. He does not like us and we do not like him
  • we should never be jealous of anyone
  • be happy with everything Allah gives us
  • remember how kind Allah is. If we want something then ask Allah for it
  • if we make a mistake then ask Allah to forgive us