Surah Rahman – 10 Benefits and Great Importance

The Holy Quran is filled with beautiful and amazing surahs. From among them is Surah Rahman. There are many benefits to reciting this surah and these will be mentioned below.

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Surah Fatiha (6 Benefits, English Translation & Transliteration)

Overview of Surah Rahman

The structure of this magnificent chapter is that it explains both the punishments of Allah and the blessings and rewards which our Lord has bestowed on us and will Insha’Allah grant us in this world and the next.

One of the most repeated themes occurs in the following statement where Allah says:

فَبِأَىِّ ءَالَآءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

Ar-Rahman [55:13]

Al-Bazzar, Ibn Jarir, Ibn Al- Mundhir, Daraqutni (in Al Afrad), Ibn Marduyah and Ibn Al Khatib (in Al- Tarikh) have related, on the authority of Hadrat Abdullah bin Umar:

Once the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) recited Surah Ar-Rahman himself, or heard it recited before him : then he said to the people: How is it that I am not hearing from you the kind of good answer that the jinn had given to their Lord? When the people asked what it was he replied: “As I recited the Divine Words, Fa bi- ayyi alaa’i Rabbi-kuma tukadhdhiban ( So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?), the jinn in response would repeat the words La bi shai’in min ni’mati Rabbi- na nukadhdhib : “We do not deny any of our Lord’s blessings.”

A similar theme has been related by Tirmidhi, Hakim and Hafiz Abu Bakr al-Bazzar from Hadrat Jabir bin Abdullah. Their tradition contains these words:

“When the people kept silent on hearing the Surah Ar-Rahman, the Holy Prophet said ‘I recited this very Surah before the jinn in the night when they had gathered together to hear the Qur’an. They responded to it better than you have. As I recited the Divine Words, Fa bi ayyi alaa’i Rabbikuma tukadhdhiban (“[O jinn and men], which blessings of your Lord will you deny?”) they would respond to it, saying: O our Lord, do not deny any of your blessings Praise is for You alone’!”

After listing blessings upon blessings, Allah repeatedly mentions this rhetorical question through which He is showing us how ungrateful we are and how much mercy He has showered on us, despite our ungratefulness.

Surah Jumuah – Translation, Transliteration and Importance

Other topics in this surah

Some other topics included in this surah:

This is the only surah where both humans and jinn have been directly addressed and have been made to realize the wonders of Allah’s power, His countless blessings, their own helplessness and accountability before Him, and have been warned of the evil consequences of His disobedience and made aware of the best results of His obedience.

This Surah clearly points out that the message of the Holy Prophet SAW and the Quran is meant both for men and for jinn and that his Prophethood is not restricted to human beings alone.

Surah Mulk in English (with benefits and hadith)

1-4It has been stated that the teaching of the Qur’an is from Allah Almighty and it is the very demand of His mercy that He should provide guidance to mankind through this teaching, for it is He Who has created man as a rational and intelligent being.
5-6It has been said that the whole system of the Universe is functioning under Allah’s Sovereignty and everything in the earth and heavens is subject to His Command alone.
7-9Allah has established the entire system of the Universe precisely and equitably on justice, and the nature of this system requires that those who dwell in it also should adhere to justice within the bounds of their authority and should not disturb the balance.
10-25Besides mentioning the wonders and excellences of Allah’s might, references have been made to His bounties from which the jinn and men are deriving benefit.
26-30Both the men and the jinn have been reminded of the truths that in this Universe no one except One God is immortal and imperishable, and there is none, from the lowest to the highest, who does not stand in need of God for his survival and other requirements. Whatever is happening here, from the earth to the heavens, is happening under His administration and control.
31-36Both groups have been warned that the time is fast approaching when they will be called to account, which they will not be able to avoid.
37-38It has been said that this accountability will be held on the Day of Resurrection.
39-45The evil end of the guilty ones, from among men and jinn, who have been disobeying Allah in the world has been mentioned.
46-endMention has been made of those rewards and blessings which will be granted to the righteous men and jinn who have led pious lives in the world and lived with a clear understanding that they will have to appear before their Lord one day and render an account of their deeds and actions.

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Surah Yasin (Importance, Rewards and 6 Benefits)

Benefits of Surah Rahman

  1. Reciting this surah will help you in all aspects of life
  2. Surah Rahman creates a closer connection between you and Allah
  3. Allah will be merciful in accountability on the day of judgment with the reciter of Surah-Al-Rahman
  4. Ar-Rahman will help with attaining wealth and securing jobs
  5. There are both physical and spiritual benefits to reciting this surah
  6. There are unimaginable rewards and blessings which come from praying this surah
  7. Reading and memorizing Surah Al-Rahman on a daily basis after Fajr prayer will clear the heart from the evil of hypocrisy
  8. The Recitation of Ar-Rahman will also serve as a source of comfort and relief on the Day of Resurrection.
  9. Surah Rahman has been known to help cure the sick
  10. Our hearts and minds will attain a constant sense of contentment from reciting this surah

‘Alī told that he heard God’s messenger say, “Everything has an adornment, and the adornment of the Qur’ān is ar-Rahmān” (Qur’ān, 57) Transmitted by Baihaqī in Shu’ab al-īmān.

Mishkat ul-Masabih