Surah Ad-Duha – Translation and 11 Benefits

surah ad-duha arabic calligraphy and sunrise background
MeaningThe Morning Hours
Number of Verses11
Place of RevelationMakkah
Chapter Number93

Surah Ad-Duha is a makkan surah, and was revealed during a time where the Prophet SAW was under a lot of tension and stress. During the initial stages of his prophethood, Nabi SAW was receiving a lot of hate from his clan members, friends and even family. On top of this, Prophet SAW also thought he had made Allah SWT angry somehow and that Allah had forsaken him, due to revelation not being sent down for a long period of time.

The reason for the gap in sending down wahi (revelation) was because it took a toll and was burdensome upon the Prophet SAW. If anymore was sent down, he wouldn’t have been able to take it. So Allah waited a while so that Nabi SAW could gain some peace and ease, before continuing with revelations.

Narrated Jundub:

Once the Prophet (ﷺ) fell ill and did not offer the night prayer (Tahajjud prayer) for a night or two. A woman (the wife of Abu Lahab) came to him and said, “O Muhammad ! I do not see but that your Satan has left you.” Then Allah revealed (Surat-Ad-Duha): ‘By the fore-noon, and by the night when it darkens (or is still); Your Lord has not forsaken you, nor hated you.’ (93)

surah ad-duha arabic text

Surah Ikhlas in Arabic – Benefits and Rewards

English Translation of Surah Ad-Duha

  1. By the morning sunlight,
  2. And [by] the night when it covers with darkness,
  3. Your Lord [O Prophet] has not abandoned you, nor has He become hateful [of you].
  4. And the next life is certainly far better for you than this one.
  5. And your Lord is going to give you, and you will be satisfied.
  6. Did He not find you as an orphan then sheltered you?
  7. And He found you lost and guided [you],
  8. And He found you poor and made [you] self-sufficient.
  9. So as for the orphan, do not oppress [him].
  10. And as for the beggar, do not repel [him].
  11. And proclaim the blessings of your Lord.
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Transliteration of Surah Ad-Dhuha

  1. Wad duhaa
  2. Wal laili izha sajaa
  3. Ma wad da’aka rabbuka wa ma qalaa
  4. Walal-aakhiratu khairul laka minal-oola
  5. Wa la sawfa y’uteeka rabbuka fatarda
  6. Alam ya jidka yateeman fa aawaa
  7. Wa wa jadaka daal lan fahada
  8. Wa wa jadaka ‘aa-ilan fa aghnaa
  9. Fa am mal yateema fala taqhar
  10. Wa am mas saa-ila fala tanhar
  11. Wa amma bi ni’mati rabbika fahad dith

Surah Ad-Duha Benefits

  • If you’re feeling down then recite this surah
  • Reading surah ad-dhuha helps with depression and anxiety
  • It is a way of comforting us and removing our worries
  • It gives encouragement to focus on the hereafter
  • If Surah Ad-Duha is recited together with name of a person who has gone missing, he will return home safe and sound. (Fawaid-e-Quran)
  • If something is forgotten somewhere by mistake, the recitation of Surah Ad-Duha keeps it safe until you get it back. (Fawaid-e-Quran)
  • He who recites Surah Ad-Duha will be among those Allah is pleased with.
  • It is possible that the Prophet SAW intercedes for him on the day of judgement
  • He will be rewarded ten times for each orphan or needy or beggar (that he helps).
  • Surah Ad-Duha can attract abundant provisions, increase in wealth, self-sufficiency and blessings
  • Molana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (رحمه الله‎) writes: To find a lost object, recite Surat Ad-Dhuha 7 times, the lost object will In’Sha Allah be found or recite Surat Ad-Dhuha once, but repeat the verse

ووجدك ضالّا فهدى

And He found you lost and guided [you].

Quran [93:7]

thrice, the lost item will be found In’Sha Allah.

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Hadith on Ad-Duha

It was narrated that Jabir RA said:

“Muadh RA stood up and prayed Isha’, and made it lengthy. The Prophet SAW said: ‘Do you want to cause hardship to the people, O Mu’adh; do you want to cause hardship to the people O Mu’adh? Why didn’t you recite ‘Glorify the Name of your Lord Most High (Surah 87)’ or Ad-Duha (Surah 93) or; ‘When the heaven is cleft asunder (Surah 82)?”